Bankruptcy Counseling and EducationDear Stakeholders,

On Friday May 23, 2014, Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling, Inc., d/b/a National Foundation for Debt Management (CCBC) will discontinue offering Bankruptcy Counseling and Education.

CCBC has been approved to offer Bankruptcy Education and Counseling since the counseling was required beginning October 17, 2005. For the past 9 years we have offered a superior, premium service to our clients but the current environment of low cost overseas internet providers has forced us to examine our ability to efficiently deliver the service. We have determined that we can no longer afford to subsidize this counseling at a cost to the rest of our client base.

We thank our current stakeholders and wish them the best going forward and ask
that they begin to refer clients to Start Fresh Today a well-respected and highly
competent agency.


Russell Graves, 
Executive Director




if you need a copy of your certificate you can call 888-738-8233 x-3109



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