Personal Financial Education Course


After online registration you will be forwarded to the Debtor's Education web site.. When you log in you'll be given a test. Don't worry about getting the answers right... just do the best you can. You'll get another test when you're finished, so you can see how much you've learned!

Students will be then guided to the first chapter. Upon completion of a chapter, student will be required to answer questions. Student will be able to move on to the next chapter after reviewing the correct answers. At the conclusion, students will take a post-test.

 Student2 will need to be online for a minimum of two (2) hours to earn the required certificate.


Bankruptcy Counseling

On-Line Instructions


Read Disclosures

Read Needs Based Fee Schedule


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Step One

Determine your fee level:

$ 25 Single
$ 50 Couple
$ 25 Couple with Discount*
$ 0 Poverty

* - Discount for low income (see below), disability, retirement, social security or debtors that use a lawyer that has arranged a special discount.

Step Two

Register for the class. In order to register you will have to have the following information

1. Bankruptcy Case Number
2. Your DEBIT Card
3. Email Address

Step Three

Client completes the online course (allow 2 hours)


Step Four

Agency will issue certificate via e-mail (after verification)

 Register and Pay for the Course



Students can email questions regarding the material to

A response will be sent within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.